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Additional Services

I offer additional services to my clients including email coaching and custom guided hypno-MP3s. Downloadable courses coming soon.

Custom MP3

When you purchase a custom MP3, you will fill out a questionnaire - please be as detailed as possible in your answers. A custom MP3 will address whatever presenting issue you would like to solve made with high quality binaural beats, designed to stimulate both hemispheres of the brain and take you into the theta brainwaves, a deeper and more intuitive state of mind, to help us access the subconscious mind directly. Your custom MP3 will be created with specifics to your situation or issue and will come with instructions for listening along with a twice daily journaling exercise. Your MP3 will arrive within 72 hours of your payment. 

E-Mail Coaching

You can purchase single or bundled e-mail coaching. If you purchase 5 e-mails, please note that means you will receive five (5) e-mail responses from me. This is for coaching only, not hypnotherapy. You may address one issue only per e-mail. Please limit e-mail questions to one per e-mail or one topic, if not asking a specific question. The e-mails may also include additional resources. I will be as thorough in my response as possible. E-mails do not expire and can be used at any time until they are used up. You may also pass e-mail coaching sessions onto a friend or family member if you feel we solve your issue and you won't be using all of them, but there are no refunds offered. Please give 3-5 days for e-mail responses. 

Once you have paid, you may fill out the questionnaire or send your first E-mail by clicking the appropriate link next to the purchase button.

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Custom Hypnosis MP3


Order a custom guided hypno-MP3 about your specific issue or situation.

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E-Mail Coaching   Bundle 2 - $330.95

Ten e-mail responses

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E-Mail Coaching


One E-mail Response

Mind Passages Hypnosis_FF-01.png

E-Mail Coaching Bundle


Five e-mail responses

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